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Million Dollar Ideas and a Million Dollar Work Ethic!

I have always said that I have a million “million dollar” ideas. And I’ve always truly meant it. I just didn’t know how they would make their way outside of my head so I wouldn’t have to keep saying it. I have realized that there has been a limiting belief, a lie attacking those ideas, like a virus. Recently, I had to get a brand new hard drive put on my brand new Mac computer. So frustrating. But I had to get it done because there was a virus attacking my computer making it look like I had no space because it can disguise itself to look like programs and stuff that doesn’t exist. It also would change the appearance of my screen. Crazy I know. So I identify the lie that attacked my million dollar ideas as a virus much like the one that used to live on my computer because it would make my ideas appear like “silly little ideas” and fill up useful space with its useless energy. Since I’ve been in the Rock Star program I’ve been forced to examine my ideas through and through and the more I do the more clear I become and the more possible these ideas become. I no longer entertain the thoughts that they are “silly little” ideas and I never felt they were but viruses make it seem like something you already know it’s not. I knew my computer wasn’t full and I knew it shouldn’t look the way it did when I would pull up a program. I always knew my ideas were more than just ideas. The stagnation and ignorance about how to have them manifest and what strategies to implement made the negative thoughts formulate. Then fear would set in as I thought “what if they never manifest?!” The very first affirmation I became attached to joining the Rock Star program was “All I see is the manifestation of my dreams” and then I entered a totally new zone of thinking—new hard drive. Before that my ideas were wrapped in the wrong stuff (think a most delicious treat wrapped in the most ugliest unappetizing wrapper–wouldn’t want to eat it huh?) Well once you get a mindset shift and start programming your mind to think a certain thing that’s the kind of results you will begin to produce. So manifestation is the result that is being produced in my life. I am in a space now that presents my ideas in the most beautiful wrapper to match the contents inside. I am not creating anything in my head that cannot be materialized in this world. And everything that manifests is anointed and purposes so it cannot fail simply because I’ve done the WORK that goes along with it. Each module gives you work. The work is active…so you stay in constant action. The second affirmation that I became addicted to is consistency is best friends with results ( results = manifestation). Consistency is a natural byproduct of the work in the program because you don’t want to stop. I thank God I don’t have “silly little” ideas. I now know that they are cued up ready to enter the world in their predestined time. *doing a praise dance* And my third affirmation- you cannot have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic! So I think it’s safe to say I’m well on my way to the manifestation of my multi-million dollar dream! Will I see you at the top?!

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