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This film is about a woman whose situation becomes bigger than her. An explosive argument with a boyfriend causes a downward spiral of pain and insecurities and in her desperation she decides to take her own life as a means of escape. This five-minute film offers a powerful and creative approach to not only shed light on a universally common and sensitive topic but to present a resolution through encouragement and inspiration.

Accepted to be screened at the National Black Theatre Festival 2013.








“NAKED” Synopsis: A work of poetry, theatre, and dance that explores the intimate nature of womanhood from giving birth to sexual complexities, growing up to maturation and finding oneself as a woman. It deals with the fragility of how a woman deals with circumstances involving love, death, childrearing and self-discovery incorporating power packed pieces using the arts as a platform for thorough examination and expression. This intimate encounter takes you into her thoughts and gives you front row seats to her personal moments; heartbreak, joy, fears and fantasies.

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