The Team

The two became the one when their hearts and minds alike fell into step…

Will & Dhakeria

These bolts of lightning are emerging from the shadows and creating a stage wherever they go. Not unlike other Bison alum that have come from Howard’s legacy of elite professionals, Dhakeria and Will began their journey on campus. They met as freshman and instantly transformed each other. As students of theatre and having virtually every class together, they set out to be the best, challenging each other to go hard and stand out. Additionally, they share a common interest as members of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, Inc.

It was in a cramped non air-conditioned dorm room that Little Big League Productions was imagined. With determination and compatible energy, they spoke the life of this company into existence. What began as a meeting of the minds emerged as a meeting of the hearts, which is the foundation for all the passion born into this company. Their history, having the makings of a romance novel with many unexpected twists, is what has strengthened their bond. Their daughters Zhaniya and Keziah are a testament and foundation of their love for each other. A true love story brought to life…he not so much a hopeless romantic, but more so a charming yet cocky young man and she a headstrong Diva, neither able to resist the inevitable.

What they have managed to build has proven to be unshakable. Despite all obstacles they hold to their roots and remain grounded in their faith and are determined to weather it all and triumph in the end. This industry has yet to come face to face with all they have to offer but it will soon come to know the passion these two have for their craft and for using it to uplift and inspire, to tell the untold stories, to throw a rope to all who began as they have with a fire in their hearts for the arts and to lead transformation through the arts.

Furniture courtesy Home Resource, photography courtesy Alex Stafford Photography.

Visit Will’s professional acting website, here.

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