Dhakeria Little is Queen Lexis, the Goddess of Words. Lexis is Greek for every word that makes up an entire language. Dhakeria uses her unique poetic style to bring empowerment to women and artists to encourage them to use their craft to bring about transformation in this world. The power of words and their use is transformational. The art of theatre and the universality of the arts are a viable vehicle for the power of words. The Queen and her husband are trained theatre professionals and together they help guide artists to realize their strength and power through performance. Dhakeria has a heart for women and she shares her passion for developing artists and performing transformational art with her husband. Little Big League Productions is built on that passion. They believe there is an artist in everyone and untapped potential is golden. Stirring one’s creativity can make the most amazing change in that person’s life and ultimately in this world in which we all coexist.


 D&P Fabricated Beauty Summit 2015

Atlanta, GA