Before I entered the program my companies (an LLC and an INC) were already established. I had already gone through the long yet exciting stages of legalizing and setting them up, fundraising and building it the best way I knew how. We were doing pretty good and were developing quite a following where we were living at the time of start up. Then we moved and life started happening (husband joined the army turning me into an army wife and stay at home mom of two, newborn baby AND the only one working on the business) so I went through a period of uncertainty. Having to rebuild in a new market that I didn’t know and not having the support of the friends and family we found where we were (started off new there too but grew over 4 years time) and I was so overwhelmed by having to do that all over and prove ourselves again. And I sure didn’t want to have to take 4 years to do it.

Cue the Revenue Rockstar Program.

In my angst I began the program and quickly began making the greatest change of all—the mindset change to CEO. See, I went from being passively “the only one working on the business” to a “CEO” not just adopting the title which was my husband’s alone, but taking on the mindset and embedding it into actionable steps that were measurable as well. With this conversion I began to think on a level that scraped away at my anxiety and increased my excitement. When I got into the mindset of a governing official responsible for the health and well being of the baby (business) my husband and I birthed I started to gain an understanding of the EMPIRE we already had. We had shows that we created and performed and that garnered respect and spotlight attention in the local papers. We had business cards that we will never have to redo because they are the bomb to us. We already had all the tools for the expansion. I didn’t realize that UNTIL as CEO (Clarity Efficacy Organization) I started getting CLEAR on who we were as change agents, BEING INTENTIONAL ABOUT OUR ABILITY TO ACHIEVE THE RESULTS WE DESIRED, and getting ORGANIZED

My favorite part other than the CEO effect, is branding. Now that I knew what I had it hit me that the brand was already there I just had to polish it up so that it would shine. It’s like having a trophy sitting on a shelf in a dimly lit old garage. It’s sitting under a pile of dust but when you take it off the shelf, put a good shine on it then place it somewhere where it gets a spot in the light then it becomes noticeable and people want to know how the trophy was won. 

The next great part about the program’s impact on me is that when all the aforementioned discoveries are made there’s sweet momentum that starts happening. You are in action the whole time. It’s like a good book. You’re turning the pages. The next step just lights up on the path. It’s not forced its triggered. And just like that good book you MUST turn the page. (Below are pics I posted in our FB group describing the momentum and wanting to get to what’s next)IMG_0504 IMG_0505Every fiber of your being desires to know what happens next without even thinking you flip to the next page. You take the next step. And here’s where magic happens…being in the program whatever I’m studying at any given moment I begin to attract. While studying branding…it seemed like the WORLD was stuck on branding. Branding teleconferences, workshops, trainings, commercials, articles just started popping up. Once I dug my heels on and getting the complete hang of it and moved on to the next module—didn’t find much happening specifically on branding. Lol and it was like that for every module. It’s like when you make an INVESTMENT in a new car, all of a sudden whereas you never would see that particular car on the road as much, now it seems like everyone is driving particular one and you see it everywhere. You see commercials on it that you didn’t notice before. It’s not that they just made it or started selling it after you bought it. It’s just that now you’re becoming aware of it so you’re drawn to it. 

I had it all the time but now I’m more focused and engaged with my vision. I’m sharpening my tools and being smart with what I already have. 

Something that I love about the program is that Denise doesn’t do it for you. She gives you the beginning and that’s sets your growth in motion. It makes you find YOUR way and better equips you to lead others once you’ve made your discoveries, made your choices, figured out your own formula. Her program puts you in touch with an abundance of “experts” and information, not just with what is in the modules but because what is in the modules is a piece of an entire network of expandable information. You enter that world or network through the modules and sometimes you can get in there and stay all day checking out what all is available. So my advice is to be intentional and laser focused about YOUR vision and not get overly mesmerized by what everyone else is offering because you have something that YOU’RE supposed to do and you can get piled up with so much “good info” that you lose sight of what you went in there shopping for. 

This has been only a bit of all I’ve gained in my short journey in the program. And in this short journey I’ve truly expanded and by brand is so on point. (I toot my horn there because it took lots of work to get here) I’m serving. I’m profiting and I’m growing. The formula she gives you is just the recipe. You have to get the ingredients, put them together, preheat the oven, and be patient and serve it! You determine the dish ware you serve it on the portion sizes you serve and who you invite to partake and so forth and so on. But the recipe must be right or you can end up serving some mess, something you wouldn’t or take of yourself. 


Be a Revenue Rockstar!

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