charleston church

I was sitting

out in the grocery store parking  lot in the car

and I couldn’t hold it in any  longer.


I screamed. I sobbed. I wept like a baby. I’m  so torn up inside over what’s happening all around us at every turn.

I saw white faces walking by blurred by tears and my skin began to burn and my back broke and my shoulders slumped. The lump in my throat grew bigger and bigger and my soul caved in. I ran away in my spirit and hid myself. I couldn’t escape but everything inside of me took cover. This was not my own fear but I felt the fear and pain and confusion and anger of an entire race. I pulled thorns from my head and I was nearly crushed by a slew of crosses…the heaviness…the breathlessness…the malfunctioning heart that created an unsteady beat that no one can dance to without the appearance of insanity beated wildly behind my breast. And then my throat burned as if a rope…then my flesh burned as if a fire…then my back took lashes… unlimited until flesh fell from my bones…tears tattoo my face and if you were to look more closely than the natural eye allows, you will see that each tear tells a story and each trail before it drops off the brown lands of my face, holds a legacy of kings and queen-the brown kind. Suddenly The Son peaked through the clouds and shined on me just in that instance a big white rain cloud with gray matters headed my direction…but the Son shined too mightily that the cloud with gray matter had to back down.

And yellow and brown collided and created the beauty of the largest most authentic scene.

And I lived brown

I smiled brown

I breathed brown

I repaired my brown

and I speak life brown

because the Son is shining and its on my side…a rainbow appeared.


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